Company profile

The owner of the company is Ing. Jiří Stuchý, a civil engineer, who wanted to become a pharmacist just  because he was pushed by the parents. From his early age he went to pharmacies being unaware of the fact that one day he would design and furnish them daily.

  Parents worked  in health, and so   after several years of successful work in the building sector he decided to work in health care permanently. He had worked as a  director of the company  for three years owning  two pharmacies, and so he got to meet with  the problems , which the pharmacist has to fight every day.

He designed, built and furnished pharmacies and ambulances for  well-known, but unknown pharmacists and doctors . For several years he managed to build a strong carpentry workshop and gathered  around him honest and hardworking colleagues who care about gradually building up of good reputation of the company.

For several years, we have been realizing the pharmacies  on key. Design, construction, interior, appliances, computers and software.

The experience of more than three hundred made  pharmacies  helps us to satisfy our clients, but also teaches us  that we still have what to improve.
Distance is not a problem,  in the past two years we made over thirty pharmacies in the Czech Republic.

The most important for us is respectability and confidentiality . This is what we  want to offer to our customers.Who works also  makes mistakes and therefore we can not promise perfection, but we promise you a tireless effort to eliminate and resolve any problems arising.

We always prepare some new services in the field of health

- The household

- Service of  pharmacies

- Hire purchase system for outlet systems


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